About Us

About Us

Hello. We're all on this planet to help progress human culture. Simply put, our main ambition at Project Rocket is to bring you our unapologetic interest in the Anime and Video Game phenomenon. Everybody has to find their own way, and in the anime life, we think we’ve found ours.

On this website you will find original artwork, and things I inspire from on a regular by turning it into a physical object. Stretching our creative practice into different mediums extending from original artwork, prints, decals to accessories and custom apparel, all drawing inspiration from video games and the otaku subculture of Japan.


A R T I S T ‘S   S T A T E M E N T
Written by @itsbirdy
     Bertrand Crisologo, more known by his moniker 'Birdy', is an inveterate eccentric Filipino-Canadian creative whose range in the arts knows little bounds. Influenced by idioms from his childhood & the cartoon and video game culture, the drawings that he creates offer both an homage to his biggest influences and a breathe of fresh air in their satire. Well versed and mostly self-taught in the traditional medium, the are he sets out to create plays on unconventional methods. Immersing yourself into a fantasy realm becomes attainable through the movement of his pencils. The end goal was to create a world in which nobody would want to escape from. 

     "As an artist, I don’t set out to make art about a particular subject. I don’t draw because I’m afraid of environment backlash, nor do I paint to bring concern to social issues. I make art for the sole purpose of creating. Feeling that sense of accomplishment after making something out of nothing. I often sketch messy drafts to help portray my ideas in the beginning stages. It’s not until later that I get a better sense of what I think an audience would deem as a different approach to art, but art none the less. It's this idea of fulfillment to exude visual appeal, but also to maintain the satisfaction of challenging my practice and producing original & personal art.
     I prefer both drawing as well as painting. Not any one over the other. At the end of the day, though, I am more for the traditional art. Simple pencil to paper. Lately I’ve been trying to make works that test my patience. An extension of the process that’s evident in the insurmountable details. My ideal is that the more effort I put into creating a work, the more I’ll be able to get out of it, and this goes for most anything we deem as work. I’ve found myself bouncing back and forth between realism and romance. With no relation with each other in the slightest, the articulateness of two completely separate styles endows me with a sense of leniency towards my imagination. I like to work quite deliberately, illustrating ideas for the audience instead of giving them free range, but of course interpretation is always welcome and will always exist in my art. If I had to choose a reason behind my work, it’s that my practice mainly focuses on evoking a response from the quality of the image. Whether a critique or a compliment, any art piece I create should be able to interact with the audience for me in my absence; it should ascertain the purpose of the drawing without me having to explain it."

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