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Why Full Metal Alchemist is one of the most important Stories of our Generation...

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What does the globally acclaimed business book 'Think and Grow Rich' have in common with Full Metal Alchemist? Well, the main the basic fundamental rule 'aka' law of alchemy is the same thing as the underlying premise of building a successful business: you cannot gain something without first sacrificing or giving up something of equal value. The law of equivalent exchange.


First thing to note also, is the fact that the main enemies our protaganists are dealing with, the "Homonculi" are demons that we're conjured from the evil of humans, literally created from humans, labeled the 7 deadly sins.


Imma keep writing on this as I get more thoughts, I'm almost done the series after an on and off relationship with the series. I remember watching it as a child on a Canadian network in called YTV. It only ever played after 9PM, but even so, I never really got that into it. I would watch it up until the fifth episode and then quit. Then return and watch it again until the 6th episode, because I would have forgotten everything, and then I would stop. This happened 5 times. Then recently, I started running out of Anime shows to fill my leisure time with, and so I gave it another try. This time, knowing the difference between the original series, and "BROTHERHOOD".


NOTE: The main difference is that the original series is missing like 20 episodes and has an alternate stopping point / ending because the manga was unfinished while the anime series was produced. Once the manga finished, then brotherhood was release and fans say it is a more accurate telling of the manga.


Anyways, back to my episode... I'm on like, 43, so pretty close to finishing.